The Risks Created by Elderly Drivers

Elderly woman driving a carMany states increase precautions when drivers reach a certain age to prevent age-related crashes. In Virginia, those aged 75 or older must renew their licenses every 5 years and pass vision testing. However, other factors contribute to accidents caused by older drivers. If you’ve been in an accident with an older driver—that is, a person aged 65 or older—it’s important to know why they pose special risks to road safety and how an attorney can help you recover for your injuries.

Why Older Drivers Create More Risk

Though elderly drivers may wish to keep driving privileges as a form of independence, both the older drivers and the loved ones who watch out for them must keep in mind that the following factors can contribute to the likelihood of an accident:

  • Physical changes. As people age, it’s common they experience muscle weakness, increasingly poor eyesight, hearing loss, and increased pain. These can directly affect a person’s ability to perceive a potential accident and react to it quickly. These changes can also diminish a driver’s ability to hear sirens, see stop signs, and stop for pedestrians.
  • Cognitive changes. In older drivers, it’s important to acknowledge changes to brain functioning. Memory is a significant factor here. If a person cannot remember traffic laws, directions, or upcoming lane changes, an accident may result from the confusion.
  • Medications. Because older drivers experience these changes as they age, it’s not uncommon for doctors to prescribe medications to manage certain conditions. Some medications can cause drowsiness, which could potentially lead to a serious accident.
  • Driving habits. Many older drivers do not drive as frequently as they used to when going to work, social events, and recreational engagements. For this reason, they may lose practice, which can affect their overall ability to drive safely and follow traffic laws.

If You’ve Been Injured, We Can Help

If an elderly driver caused an accident that left you injured, you may be facing medical bills and calls from insurance companies. Do not attempt to handle the accident case on your own. The legal team at Tavss Fletcher has a track record of success in handling complicated car accidents, and we want to hear about the details of yours. To speak with us, start a live online chat on our website today.

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