This popular rhyme, meant for a little fun while walking down the road, has a grain of truth to it.  Women, particularly those over the age of 50, are at high risk of not only fracturing their spine, but of being misdiagnosed after an accident.  

A spinal fracture can put you, or your mom, at high risk of another fracture, stooped posture and even a long term disability.  The thing about a fracture in the spine is that doctors too often miss diagnosing the injury.  Sometimes there is no pain associated with the fracture and it is months, even years later that the effects are felt and seen.   

A car crash is one of the major causes of such an injury.  Leading experts are urging anyone, particularly over the age of 50, ask for an x-ray after an accident.  Doing so may keep you healthier, stronger and taller!

Auto accidents wreck more than your car- They may very well wreck your life.  Don't go it alone.  Contact your experienced, professional Virginia attorney at Tavss Fletcher today for your free consultation. 

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