At first glance the accident seems simple.  One driver loses control of his vehicle and crashes into another car in Virginia.  However, it was soon found that the at fault driver, a diabetic, had suffered from a hypoglycemic event.  The question that needed to be answered in this case was: Did the driver know or should he have known the risk he was taking by driving with his condition

As is all too common, the insurance company denied all fault on behalf of the at fault driver.  They maintained that it was the medical condition, not the driver, which caused the accident.  The injured accident victim and their attorney did not believe that this was fair or accurate.  This is something insurance companies are very good at: Minimizing fault in an attempt to save their company money.

Fortunately for the injured woman she had a good attorney, one who saw through the insurance company's tricks.  Medical records were subpoenaed and it was found that the at fault driver had caused other accidents due to his medical condition.  The insurance company was forced to admit that the driver should have known how dangerous driving was and they quickly settled for $215,000. 

For this accident victim the choice to hire an attorney won her case and allowed her to pay her ongoing medical bills.  If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer who has the experience and passion to win, contact an attorney from Tavss Fletcher today for your free consultation.  The insurance company have experienced, aggressive attorneys on their side.  Who do you have?

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