Auto accidents linked to post-traumatic stress disorder

When most people think about the impact of a car accident, they think of lacerations, broken bones, head trauma and other physical injuries.  Many people don’t consider the mental after-effects of a serious auto crash.  Some doctors believe that car accident victims can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) and the symptoms can last for decades.


According to researchers, PTSD is most often experienced by victims of a very serious auto accident especially one involving fatalities.


PTSD symptoms can include:

  • cold sweats
  • panic attacks
  • nightmares
  • insomnia
  • compulsive behavior
  • persistent worry / anxiety


Researchers estimate that up to 45% of auto accident victims suffer from PTSD symptoms.  If you were in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident and suspect that you are experiencing PTSD symptoms, let your doctor and your attorney know.  There is treatment available for PTSD, and the sooner your symptoms are recognized and addressed the better for you.


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