Was an 18-wheeler Accident on I-64 in Virginia Caused by an Unsafe Truck?

Posted on Jul 29, 2011

Virginia State Police were recently called to the scene of an accident on I-64. The accident did not cause any injuries, but it did highlight the dangers of unsafe trucks and trucking equipment.

The semi truck accident occurred on an onramp to I-64. An 18-wheeler was navigating the ramp, located in Henrico County, when the trailer he was hauling collapsed in the middle. The truck was carrying 70,000 pounds of recycled paper to Richmond when it gave way.

The ramp was closed for several hours as crews worked to unload the paper and tow the truck away.  

The driver, a trucker from Lynchburg, was not injured in the accident and no other cars were involved. However, this is not always the case when trucks suffer from mechanical errors or failure on the highways of Virginia. Too often, large trucks, to include both semi-trucks and local commercial vehicles, are unsafe to drive; yet they remain on our highways and interstates.  From improperly secured loads to trucks with failing brakes, unsafe trucks are a real threat to motorists across the country.

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