Four Reasons to Use a Corporate Law Attorney

The corporate world can be difficult and hard to navigate. Tough decisions must be made on a weekly even daily basis. One wrong decision can make or break a corporation. There may be many people relying on that one decision. Perhaps, there are thousands or millions of dollars that can be made or lost on that decision.

One of these tough decisions may be whether or not to hire a corporate law attorney. It can be a difficult one, but it is very common question. Most businesses will need a corporate law attorney at some point.

While there are some instances where there is no need for a corporate attorney, there are instances when a corporate law attorney should definitely be used. So when should a business hire a corporate attorney?

Here are four common instances when a corporate law attorney should be used:

  • Forming a corporation. Forming business entities such as an LLC or business partnership may be difficult without an attorney’s advice, but can be done. On the other hand, forming a corporation with shareholders and a board is a much more complex process that shouldn’t be attempted without an attorney.
  • Patent issues. Obtaining a patent is a very time consuming and expensive process that can take years to complete. It may not even make sense for the corporation to patent the product. An experienced attorney will be able to help evaluate the product and the rights you will achieve by patenting.
  • Litigation. It is not uncommon for a corporations to go through litigation due to conflicts with former employees, current employees, investors, customers, or government entities.
  • Buying or selling a business. When buying or selling a business, it is important to cover all legal grounds. A corporate attorney can help with the negotiations, writing agreements and much more.


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