Despite the complaints I have filed, my homeowner's association has not taken care of my noisy neighbors. What can I do?

Many communities in Norfolk have homeowners’ associations (HOAs), and belonging to one has many advantages. When you pay good money every month to the HOA, you expect it to take care of you if you have concerns.

Living with a noisy neighbor is difficult and can even affect your quality of life. Most HOAs have rules regarding noise levels, including noise curfews. In fact, even the city of Norfolk has a noise ordinance that citizens are supposed to follow. But when your neighbor is defiant and disturbs you and your neighborhood, you want help.

When Your HOA Won’t Help

If you’ve filed numerous complaints with your HOA regarding your neighbor and haven’t received any help, you may still be able to get the results you seek in the following ways:

  • Talk to your other neighbors. Chances are, if you’re having problems with a particular neighbor, others are as well. Compose a formal complaint and ask your other neighbors to sign it, then turn it into your HOA. Seeing that several residents are a united front against those making the noise may prompt your HOA to take action.
  • Talk to the authorities. You’ve probably already called the cops several times to report your neighbors, but if you haven’t, do so the next time they are rowdy. You may also be able to request that a test is conducted to measure exactly how much noise your neighbor is making. If the level is high enough, the noise enforcement officer may issue a citation.

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

When you feel that no one is on your side and willing to help, it’s time to take legal action. The attorneys of Tavss Fletcher believe you should be able to enjoy yourself in your own home, and we want to make that happen. Contact us to find out how we can help.