Taking Your Nuisance Neighbor to Court

Neighbors can play a big part in the quality of your home life. They can be loud or destructive and make life miserable for you and your family. When your neighbors aren’t considerate of those around them, spending time at your residence becomes stressful. It shouldn’t have to be that way.

If you’ve already asked, both verbally and in writing, that your neighbor stop his nuisance behavior and haven’t had any luck, it’s time to call the police and make a report. You can then take your neighbor to court.

You can sue your neighbor for monetary damages caused by the noise or have the court order him to keep it down. When seeking money, you’ll likely have to go through small claims court.

Suing Your Neighbor: How to Make Your Case

Of course you can’t just walk into Norfolk General District Court or any courthouse and expect a judge to simply take your word for it; you’ll need to provide evidence that your neighbor is indeed causing a ruckus. In order to win your case you’ll need to show that:

  • Your enjoyment at home is negatively affected by your neighbor’s actions.
  • Your neighbor is creating disturbing and excessive noise.
  • You’ve asked the neighbor to stop engaging in the disrespectful behavior, and he hasn’t.

In order to prove your case, you’ll need to rely on witnesses, your own testimony, police reports, and possibly recordings of the behavior that is taking place.

Silence Your Neighbor With the Help of the Legal System

You shouldn’t have to put up with the noise of unruly neighbors and, fortunately, the law is on your side. The attorneys of Tavss Fletcher want to help you with your dispute. Contact us today to speak with a legal professional about your situation and find out what we can do for you. Visit our testimonials page to hear reviews from some of our valued clients!

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