Overwhelmed on Back Taxes? Learn How A Virginia Tax Attorney Can Help

Life can throw many curve balls. For those with set incomes, schedules and a certain way of life, the slightest change can bring drastic consequences. These consequences can lead to an individual falling behind on many payments including housing, cars and utilities. But one thing nearly every person is scared to fall behind on are their taxes.

When it comes to unpaid taxes, the government can be hard to deal with. They do not understand that circumstances aren’t always perfect. They see it as something they are owed and intend on doing what it takes to get it. It is not uncommon for a garnishment be placed on a paycheck. In some instances an individual may even serve jail time for unpaid taxes.

Having to deal with all of this can be stressful. It may be hard to know what to do next or how to make good with the government. The best thing to do is contact a Virginia tax attorney for help. An attorney can help by:

  • Speaking to the government – Simply talking to the government about taxes is not so simple. A tax lawyer will be able to call and take calls from the government on your behalf.
  • Settling the debt – A tax attorney will negotiate with the government and settle on an amount to pay that may be quite a bit lower than what they are asking for. Settling the debt will put the mind at ease and more money in the wallet.
  • Using experience – Experience goes a long way when dealing with the IRS and their complex tax laws. With experience comes a knowledge and understanding that the average person will not have.


Don’t let your past taxes ruin your future. For all your tax needs contact an experienced Norfolk tax attorney at Tavss Fletcher. Call 757-625-1214 today to schedule a consultation.