Virginia & North Carolina Trucking Company Tricks and How to Fight Them

Were you hurt in a serious Virginia or North Carolina truck crash, or do you know somebody who was?  Get ready for a fight!  Trucking companies are notorious for pulling out every trick in the book to keep from paying 18 wheeler accident victims fair and just compensation for their crash injuries.


Here are just a few of the tricks that trucking companies and their insurance adjustors like to use:

  • Recorded statements.  Trucking companies love to call and ask 18 wheeler accident victims for recorded statements right after the crash.  Usually people are still in shock, bewildered, and in pain – these types of recorded statements can be misleading, and you can bet if there is even a tiny bit of it that could be used against the victim – it will be.  Never give the trucking company or their insurance company a recorded statement!
  • Low settlement amount.  Sometimes a trucking company will ‘test the waters’ by offering tractor trailer wreck victims a low settlement amount.  Some victims are desperate for money and will take anything they are offered, because they feel they just can’t wait for more.  Don’t fall for this trick!  If you were in a serious Virginia truck wreck and you are hurting physically and financially, talk to a lawyer with PROVEN experience handling a truck crash case.  NEVER accept the first settlement without at least discussing your case with a truck accident attorney.
  • Delay your case. Trucking companies and insurance companies love this tactic.  They delay, delay, delay your case… and then they delay it some more.  They have all the time in the world to avoid paying you a fair settlement!  They want to wear you down so you don’t fight when they finally offer you a small settlement – they’re hoping you will be so grateful to finally get something that you’ll take it.  Don’t fall for the delay tacticif you are having trouble getting a trucking company to compensate you fairly after a wreck, hire an attorney so they’ll stop playing games!


Virginia and North Carolina Truck Accident Victims: Get Help TODAY


Please contact the skilled, aggressive lawyers at Tavss Fletcher today to get help with your 18 wheeler crash case.  Our trucking accident attorneys know how the game is played, and they can keep the truck company and insurance adjustors in line.



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