The Most Common Surgical Errors in Virginia and North Carolina

Those who have been the victim of a surgical error or who have lost a loved one during a mistake in surgery know what a nightmare surgical errors are.  You place your trust in a doctor who you believe will take care of you and look out for your best interests, yet his trusted professional or their staff makes an egregious error.  In Virginia and North Carolina, like the rest of the U.S., surgical errors are one of the leading causes of patient injury and death.  They also carry a high rate of medical malpractice lawsuits. 

Below we will discuss the most common surgical errors and help you decide if you need to hire an attorney.

Common Surgical Errors:

  • Object Left Behind- Though most hospitals have implemented an extensive medical instrument checking system, objects are still left inside the body after a surgery. The most common objects left behind include sponges and surgical instruments.
  • Plastic Surgery Mistakes- A mistake during plastic surgery can lead to lifelong disfigurement. Surgeries such as breast augmentation and face lifts are too often botched, causing the patient to undergo multiple surgeries that may or may not resolve the issue.
  • Postoperative Complications- The failure to treat complications such as infection, wound reopening and post-operative bleeding are too common. The surgeon and his staff may not recognize the threat to the patient until it is too late, causing serious illness and even death.
  • Wrong Site- When a surgical team operates on the wrong site irreparable damage is often done. The patient must live with the outcome of the wrong surgery and undergo yet another surgery to correct the original ailment or injury.
  • Unnecessary Surgery- Some surgeons may be too aggressive in their treatment plan. Sometimes more conservative alternatives would better suit the patient and lead to a more favorable outcome.
  • Improper Anesthesia- Too much or too little anesthesia can be extremely dangerous. In addition, improper monitoring while anesthesia is being used can cause serious brain injury and death.

If you have suffered at the hands of your doctor or surgeon you know the pain, both mental and physical, that goes along with a medical mistake.  For advice you can trust and representation that is both compassionate and aggressive please contact your Virginia Beach med mal attorney at Tavss Fletcher for your free consultation.  We have been fighting for the patients' rights for over 20 years, now let us fight for you.