Did you know that at least 44,000 people are killed each year by preventable medical mistakes?  For every patient who dies, hundreds of others are harmed during a botched surgery or due to another medical mistake.  Doctors and surgeons are human, we understand this, however, performing the wrong surgery and other major mistakes are inexcusable.

As Virginia Beach medical malpractice attorneys we have seen firsthand the tragedy that medical mistakes cause.  Recovery from additional surgeries, life-long complications from a surgical mistake and the tragedy of a life lost during what should have been a simple procedure are inexcusable.

But what can you do?  If you are patient who will be going into surgery how can you best protect yourself from medical errors?  First of all, ensure that you get a full report as to the number of lawsuits that have been filed against your doctor or surgeon.  Be sure to ask for a detailed list of how the hospital prevents medical mistakes.  To prevent an error some patients have even marked their skin with a permanent marker indicating the site and type of the surgery to be performed.    

If your best efforts fail you and you are harmed by your doctor or surgeon please contact your experienced medical malpractice attorney at Tavss Fletcher for your free consultation.  Fight for your rights; call today. 757.635.1214

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