Why You Need an Attorney When Filing a Medical Malpractice Claim

An Attorney Can Help You in Your Medical Malpractice CaseWhile it is important to retain an attorney in any personal injury case, it is crucial to do so in a medical malpractice case. Medical malpractice cases are complicated and it can be it can be difficult to with the negligent doctor or other health care provider and his insurance company without any prior experience. If you want to better your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve for your injuries, you should hire an experienced medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

How Hiring an Attorney Can Help You in Your Medical Malpractice Case

Medical malpractice cases tend to be very complicated and can take much longer than other personal injury claims to settle. The stakes are high because the doctor’s medical license could be revoked or suspended and his insurance rates could increase dramatically if a claim is paid. Here are ways hiring an attorney can help your case and increase the likelihood that you will receive what you are entitled to:

  • Knowledge of the law and medicine. An experienced medical malpractice attorney will not only understand the laws governing this type of case but will also have an understanding of medical conditions and the common ways that malpractice occurs. This medical knowledge is critical to spotting potential malpractice and to proving a medical provider’s negligence.
  • Preserve and collect evidence. An attorney will be able to gather the medical records—often in the hands of the negligent party— and other evidence that you will need to prove your case. He will also take action to stop a hospital or doctor from destroying evidence and can identify if records have been falsified.
  • Value your claim. If a lawyer has handled many medical malpractice cases, he will have a good sense of the value of your claim based on the strengths and weaknesses and how much these cases settle for.
  • Have a network of experts. You could need many experts in your case, such as medical experts, economic experts, and more. A medical malpractice attorney should have qualified experts that he has used in the past that could be helpful in proving the malpractice and other disputed issues in your case.
  • Experience litigating claims. Many medical malpractice claims settle later in the litigation process, if they settle at all. Not only do you need an attorney who is an effective negotiator, but you also want one who has experience litigating these claims and is not afraid to do so to fight for what you deserve.

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