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When you are sick or have an ailment, you most likely go to see a professional to be cured. We often put a lot of faith and trust regarding our health in the hands of medical professionals. Unfortunately, medical professionals can act in a negligent manner, which may lead to serious complications and even death. 

Being mistreated by a health professional can leave you feeling vulnerable, angry, and confused. Fortunately, there are actions you can take that will help you recover any losses that occurred due to the negligence. 

In a successful Norfolk medical malpractice claim, you will find four elements:

  • A duty was owed – Once a healthcare provider or hospital is treating a patient, a legal duty is created. 
  • A duty was breached – While under the care of a medical professional, that professional must perform at an acceptable level of care. 
  • The breach caused injury – The injury sustained by the patient must be directly caused by the breach of duty. 
  • Damage sustained – There must be a loss that was sustained by the patient that was caused by the injury. The damage can be monetary or emotional 

If you have become the victim of medical malpractice, it is important that you seek the legal counsel of a Norfolk medical malpractice lawyer at Tavss Fletcher. Tavss Fletcher has the experience you need to get the compensation you deserve. Let them take the burden and stress of the claim while you focus on recovery. Call 757-625-1214 today for a free case evaluation. 

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