Some of the Most Dangerous Trucking Accidents in Virginia Have Nothing to do With Driver Error

While truck drivers can make serious, avoidable errors with driving, such as driving while overtired or talking on a cell phone, sometimes a truck accident is caused by mechanical defects or loading mistakes.  In this article we will be looking at common causes of such mistakes and how they can cause serious, even deadly accidents in Virginia.

When Trucking Equipment Fails

Imagine a trucker pushing on his brake pedal, only to have the brake fail.  Seconds later the trucks load dumps onto the roadway as the truck slams into a car, unable to stop.  This is a scary, yet realistic example of a mechanical failure on a big rig.  Trucking companies, like all businesses, want to make money.  To do so, some of them might cut corners by skipping required maintenance or sending a truck onto the road knowing it needs work done.  When trucking companies do this they are putting the lives of the driver and other motorists at risk.

When a Load Breaks Loose

While truckers are sometimes responsible for ensuring that their load is secured properly, this is often done when they arrive to pick the shipment up.  In a rush to get the truck going, the load, from logs to heavy equipment, may pull out of the shipping yard without the proper tie downs or unevenly loaded.  The truck driver might not notice this until it is too late, the load shifting, even spilling onto the roadway. If you are driving near the truck the results can be disastrous.

When You Need an Attorney

If you have been injured during an accident with a semi-truck you need to be prepared.  Not only will you have to worry about recovering from your injuries, you will soon be getting calls from the trucking company's insurance company, maybe even their attorney.  The trucking company has a team of legal professionals on their side.  Who do you have?  Contact your own team of experienced, aggressive personal injury attorneys at Tavss Fletcher for your free, comprehensive consultation.  Don't go it alone.  Call today.  1.757.625.1214