How long do I have to report a truck accident?

If you were the driver of an auto and were involved in a truck crash, you are required to report it in some circumstances in Virginia. In addition, reporting your truck wreck to the police strengthens your claim for compensation against the negligent trucker and trucking company and could make settling your claim with their insurance company easier.

When Must You Report a Truck Accident in Virginia?

Under Virginia Code §46.2-894, you are required to report a truck collision to the State Police or a local law enforcement agency immediately in either of these situations:

  • An individual was injured or killed.
  • A vehicle or other property was damaged.

In addition, you are required to report your name, address, driver’s license number, and vehicle registration number to the police and the injured person if Wrecked Front-End of a Car After a Collisionthey are capable of retaining the information. You must also attempt to render aid to any injured victim of the collision. If you are too injured to report the crash right away, you must do so as soon as you are able to do so.

Since most truck accidents result in the much smaller auto being damaged and often involve victims suffering injuries or death, there is almost always a requirement to report a truck crash. If you fail to do so, you could be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor or Class 5 felony.

How Reporting a Truck Crash Strengthens Your Claim for Compensation

Calling the police right after your truck accident will also strengthen your claim for compensation with the insurance company. The police will conduct an investigation and write a police report that could contain helpful information, such as:

  • Date, time and place of the wreck
  • Details of how the collision occurred
  • Statements of the trucker, passengers, and witnesses
  • Officer’s conclusions as to who caused the accident
  • Any traffic citations issued

When you file your claim, you should obtain a copy of the police report and provide it to the insurance adjuster. The report will help you avoid disputes with them over whether or not the crash actually occurred. They could raise this argument if the police were not contacted in an effort to deny your claim.

In addition, if the officer concluded that the trucker’s negligence was the cause of your accident, this may help you convince the insurance company of their liability to pay you. However, they could still try to use other reasons, such as disputing the seriousness of your injuries, to try to pay you less money than you deserve.

How a Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You

If you suffered injuries in a truck accident in Virginia Beach or Norfolk, our experienced truck accident legal team can hold the trucker, trucking company, and their insurance company accountable for compensating you for your injuries. We understand the complexities in these cases and have decades of experience helping truck crash victims obtain the justice and damages they deserve. To learn how we can assist you, fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation today.