I’m a Virginia taxpayer and have just been notified that I’m getting audited by the IRS. Do you have any tips that may help me during the audit?

If you are like many other Americans, you pay your taxes on time and honestly every year and never expect that you will be audited by the IRS. The fact is that many people can and will be audited at some point during their working years. It seems like the audit happens at the worst time. It can be a stressful period of time.


If you are audited, it is your duty to prove to the IRS that you have properly filed your taxes. This is usually done by providing the IRS with documentation to back your tax statement. There are a number of things that you should keep in mind during an audit.


Some tips to keep in mind during an IRS audit are:

  • Know your rights – Take the time to read through IRS information such as the Taxpayers Bill of Rights. You may also want to speak with a Norfolk tax attorney to discuss your situation.
  • Prepare – Go through your documents to check for completion. If you are missing receipts or other documents, you are allowed to reconstruct the missing records.
  • Don’t give too much info – Do not give the auditor more information than they are entitled to. Don’t give answers unless you are directly asked. Do not give copies of other years’ tax returns to the auditor.
  • Delay – Try to postpone the audit when possible. This can work in your favor. Requesting more time will allow you to get your records together or any other items you will need time to prepare.


Do not try to go through an audit on your own. There are many pitfalls and the codes can be very confusing. It will be beneficial for you to contact an experienced Virginia tax attorney at Tavss Fletcher. Call 757-625-1214 today for a free case evaluation.