How do I know when it’s time to put my parent into a nursing home?

Up until recently, your father was feisty, independent, and in good health. A recent illness, however, has left him weak and in constant need of care. You fear it’s time to make a decision about whether or not he should enter a nursing home.

Although Norfolk is filled with reputable nursing homes, you worry about making the right choice. After all, nursing home abuse and neglect are common and you don’t want to expose him to that kind of treatment. The first step, however, is to decide if it is indeed time to start looking into nursing homes.

Is it Time?

If your father is not willing to admit he needs help, you may need to look for clues in his surroundings and behavior to confirm your suspicions that it’s time for him to move into a senior facility. Look for the following signs he’s not doing well on his own:

  • He isn’t able to perform daily tasks. Take a look at your parent’s kitchen. Is the fridge filled with take-out containers? Do pot holders carry chars that could reveal the presence of a few past kitchen fires? Is his home a mess? If so, he may not be able to perform the daily and necessary tasks he needs to stay well.
  • His sickness requires constant care. If his health is in such a state that it requires a nurse’s care, he may need to move to a facility. If he can’t administer his medication on his own, monitor his condition, or perform the other tasks his health requires, he could become critically ill if he remains living on his own.
  • He seems depressed. If your father is losing weight, doesn’t participate in the activities he used to, or seems to have a general disregard for life, he could be depressed, which may require constant monitoring. A nursing home may provide the care that prevents him from becoming even more ill.

We’re Here If You Need Us

It’s never easy to have to make decisions on behalf of someone you love, especially if he is resistant. You have to trust that you are doing what is best for his health and safety. Take the time to choose a high-quality facility and visit regularly to make sure your parent is safe. If you ever suspect the nursing home you chose is not taking proper care of you parent, Tavss Fletcher is here to help.