When Medical Malpractice Hits Close to Home: Signs Your Elderly Parents Are Not Well

Your mother willingly went into a retirement home in Norfolk, and you never had an inkling that anything was wrong with her care, until a relative brought it up to you. Although your mother says she is fine, you worry. You don’t want to seem too obtrusive in questioning her, but you need to find out the truth.

Secretly Checking Your Parent’s Status

If your parent is a victim of medical malpractice because the nursing home isn’t providing the right amount of care, you need to know immediately so that you can address the situation and take the appropriate action. Fortunately, you can find out a lot in subtle ways. Try the following easy tests before launching an investigation:

  • Give a hug. Everyone likes hugs, especially older parents. Along with showing you care, you can also learn a lot about your parent’s health with an embrace. You may notice weight gain or loss, and both are signs something could be wrong. Weight loss can result from illness or malnutrition, while weight gain can mean she isn’t eating healthy foods, or could even have diabetes.
  • Inspect her surroundings. You can tell a lot about a person by the way she cares for her surroundings. If they are in poor condition or not well tended, she may have a problem she isn’t telling you about, or is suffering from dementia or another mental condition. An unclean room in a nursing home could also be a sign of staff neglect.
  • Take a look at the mail. If you see mail sitting on a table, go ahead a take a gander. Unopened personal mail or bills could show a sign of depression or a problem with finances. Thank you letters from charities could also mean your parent has been giving money to a so-called charity that scams seniors.

Do You Think Your Parent is the Victim of Medical Malpractice?

You care for your parent, and if you suspect she is being poorly cared for, the law offices of Tavss Fletcher want to help.