When can a shipper and broker be liable in a truck accident?

Semi-Truck Traveling on a HighwayIf you were injured in a truck collision, there may be additional parties responsible for compensating you in addition to the negligent truck driver and trucking company. Pursuing claims against all negligent parties increases the likelihood that you will receive the full compensation you deserve for your injuries. Two important parties that you do not want to overlook are the shipper and broker.

When Could a Broker Be Liable to Compensate You?

A broker is a middle man that works with the commercial trucking company and the shipper to arrange for the transportation of the goods. Brokers have a duty to review the safety record of the trucking company and truckers they are contracting with. If they failed to do so in your case, you may have a negligent hiring claim against them.

When Can a Shipper Be Found Negligent?

Like a broker, the shipper has a duty to screen the trucking company and truck drivers they contract with to transport their goods. However, they are often looking for the least expensive way to ship their products so they may select cheaper commercial fleets who cut corners on safety or overlook safety violations in an effort to save money. This may be one way the shipper was negligent in causing your truck accident.

In addition, the shipper may have been directly involved in the loading process. Ways that their negligence may have caused your accident include:

  • Providing improper instructions to the carrier or the truck driver on how to secure or load the goods
  • Improperly loading the goods
  • Failing to properly secure the load

If you were injured in a truck crash that was caused by a negligent truck driver, our experienced truck accident attorneys can thoroughly investigate its cause and identify all liable parties. To find out more about how we can help and your right to compensation for your injuries, call our Norfolk office to schedule your free case evaluation today.