How can I prove that the truck driver who caused my truck accident was speeding?

Speeding Semi-Trucks on a Busy HighwaySpeeding is one of the most common causes of truck collisions and can result in victims suffering catastrophic injuries or death. If you believe that the truck driver who caused your crash was speeding, you cannot assume that the insurance company for the trucker and trucking company will agree with you. You will have to prove this in order to receive the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

Types of Evidence You Can Use to Establish That the Trucker Was Speeding

You need evidence to prove your case. Here are types of evidence that can help you show that the trucker’s speeding caused your injuries:

  • Police report. If the police officer who investigated your crash determined the trucker was speeding, he would include this conclusion in the police report. He may also have ticketed the trucker for speeding, which can be compelling evidence that you are right.
  • Black box. The truck’s black box may contain data regarding the truck’s speed at the time of your wreck. You need the assistance of an experienced truck accident lawyer to obtain this data from the trucking company before it is destroyed.
  • Witnesses. Witnesses to your crash can corroborate that the truck driver was speeding. If this person is an eyewitness you do not know and who has no stake in your claim, his testimony may be especially compelling.
  • Accident reconstruction expert. You may need to hire an accident reconstruction expert who can create a reenactment of how your collision occurred to prove that the trucker’s excessive speed caused it.
  • Logbook. Truck drivers are required to keep detailed logbooks on their trips of driving time, rest breaks, and other information under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules. Your attorney may be able to use the logbook to help establish that the trucker must have been exceeding the speed limit.

The skilled truck accident lawyers at Tavss Fletcher will conduct a thorough investigation of the cause of your truck accident and collect the evidence you need to prove the trucker’s and trucking company’s negligence. To learn more about how we can assist you, call our Norfolk office to schedule your free confidential consultation today.