What can I do to help my attorney win my case?

Aftermath of a Truck and Small Car WreckIf you were injured in a truck crash caused by a negligent truck driver, you need to retain an experienced truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to negotiate your settlement with the insurance company. This will dramatically increase the likelihood that you will receive all the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

While you are hiring an attorney to help you, you should not forget that you are a team working on the common goal of settling your claim. You can and should take steps to make your lawyer's job easier and help them build a winning case. Here are five important ways that you can help them.

Respond to Your Attorney's Requests Quickly

Just like you want your lawyer to contact you quickly if you have a question or want an update on your case's status, you need to respond right away if they call or email you. They may have an important question that they need answered or need you to collect additional documents in order to move forward in resolving your claim with the insurance company.

Follow Up on Medical Treatment

One of the most important ways that you can build a strong case against the trucker and trucking company is to seek prompt medical care after your crash and follow your doctor's advice on your medical treatments for your injuries. You should also attend all of your appointments, so there are no gaps in your medical care.

If you fail to do this, you could make it harder for your attorney to settle your claim for its full value. You would be giving the insurance company ammunition to deny your claim or argue that you should receive less than you are asking for in your settlement. They could make these arguments:

  • Another incident caused your injuries.
  • Your injuries are not as serious as you claim.
  • You made your injuries worse by not following your doctor's orders and not getting all the medical care you need.

Cooperate With the Discovery Process

Your attorney may need to file a lawsuit if the insurance company does not offer you a fair settlement or the deadline to sue, referred to as the statute of limitations, will expire soon. You will need to cooperate with them during the discovery phase of your case. You may have to answer written interrogatories, produce documents, and attend a deposition where the insurance company's lawyer asks you questions about the truck accident and your injuries.

Stay Off Social Media

Ideally, you should stay off Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites while the claim is being resolved. If you do continue to post on these sites, avoid discussing your truck collision or your injuries. You should also be careful not to post pictures of you being at locations, such as on a hiking vacation, or doing activities that you should not be able to do because of your injuries.

Follow Your Lawyer's Advice

Another crucial way that you can help your attorney is to follow their advice and be patient while they work to resolve your case. They have your best interests at heart and know what you need to receive the maximum recovery from the insurance company.

If you must file a claim with the insurance company after a truck crash, our knowledgeable and compassionate truck accident lawyers are here to help. Call our Norfolk office to schedule your free consultation today.