What happens if a health care provider files a lien in my truck accident case?

Doctor Pointing at Health Care BlocksThe trucking company and trucker would be responsible for paying you compensation for your medical bills if their negligence caused your truck collision in Norfolk or Virginia Beach. However, it could be months, a year, or longer before you settle your claim with the insurance company.

Your medical care providers may place a medical lien on your settlement when providing you with the medical care you need while you wait for your settlement. You need to know what a medical lien is and how to deal with them in your case.

What Is a Medical Lien?

In Virginia, you are responsible for paying your medical bills while negotiating your settlement with the insurance company. However, if you are like most truck accident victims, you do not have the financial resources to pay these expensive medical expenses.

Health care providers may agree to treat your injuries and wait to receive their payment until you settle your case if you allow them to place a medical lien on your settlement. The lien would enable them to be paid what they are owed when you receive the settlement check from the insurance company.

The general rule is that health care providers are not entitled to claim a lien against a truck crash settlement in Virginia. However, many exceptions based on federal laws permit a provider to assert a lien.

In addition, a health care provider can enter into a written agreement with you to allow them to assert a lien in your case. You most likely cannot avoid agreeing to this to obtain the medical treatment you need for your injuries. Health care providers who may claim a lien on your settlement include:

  • Ambulance services
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors
  • Physical therapists

Will the Medical Care Provider Negotiate Their Medical Lien?

Yes, your health care providers may be willing to negotiate a settlement of your medical liens. However, you would be at a serious disadvantage if you tried to work out an agreement on your own.

You should retain a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer to negotiate your settlement with the insurance company and the payment of medical liens. A lawyer is likelier to get medical care providers to accept a reduced price. This can save you substantial money and allow you to keep more of your settlement proceeds.

Were you hurt in a truck crash that was not your fault in Virginia Beach or Norfolk? Do you need help negotiating a settlement of medical liens with your health care providers? Our experienced truck accident lawyers are here to help. Call our Norfolk office at 757-625-1214 or fill out our convenient online form to schedule a free initial consultation today.