What are some of the common ways surgery can result in a Norfolk medical malpractice lawsuit?

There are many reasons people have surgery—to relieve pain, improve a body function, reduce a symptom, or to discover a problem. Whether the procedure is considered minor or major, the team of healthcare professionals involved should take it very seriously. A successful surgical procedure takes a full team of providers performing at a high level of professionalism.

Unfortunately, there are times when a surgeon or other healthcare worker acts in a negligent manner. This can result in a surgical error that causes great harm to the patient. Surgery is one of the most common causes for medical malpractice in Virginia. There are many different causes for surgical errors, the most common being:

  • Miscommunication – Staff members may misidentify a patient or mark the wrong site for surgery. In addition, errors can occur when a surgeon is misinformed, misreads drug dosages, or misreads patient drug sensitivities and allergies.
  • Fatigue – Surgeons and other medical professionals work long hours. This can cause fatigue and exhaustion, which can lead to impaired judgment and errors.
  • Neglect – Failing to sterilize instruments or using defective surgical instruments can lead to infection, septic shock, and other serious conditions that may result in harm to the patient.
  • Improper planning – Before a surgical procedure, medical staff should take a complete patient medical history including prior health conditions, drug sensitivities, and allergies in order to assess surgical risks.


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