4 Ways Fatigue Can Cause a Norfolk Medical Malpractice Case

You are probably aware that most nurses and doctors work long hours during a given week—often working well beyond the point of exhaustion. Unfortunately, this is part of the job for many medical professionals. What you might not know is that these long hours can have dire consequences for the patients they are trying to help.

Healthcare worker fatigue may directly affect patients, causing serious injuries, illness, or even death. A healthcare professional who experiences fatigue may experience problems with the following important skills:

  • Problem solving – Health professionals require excellent problem-solving skills. Their ability to solve complex problems diminishes as their fatigue grows.
  • Communication – Strong communication between patients and health care professionals is important for overall patient safety. In addition, healthcare workers must communicate among themselves to ensure patients are cared for properly. Communication suffers when healthcare workers are fatigued.
  • Attention to detail – Health care professionals must pay close attention to the details of patient care when it comes to medication, treatment, and procedures.  The ability to stay focused on these important details is directly affected by fatigue.
  • Attentiveness – Health care professionals who work excessive hours are much more likely to be inattentive to their patients.


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