Receiving or Concealing Stolen Property Offenses and Penalties in Virginia

Stolen Goods in a HallwayReceiving or concealing stolen property is a larceny crime in Virginia that can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony. Unfortunately, you could be punished as harshly as if you had stolen the goods if you are convicted of this offense. However, you may have strong defenses to the charges you face—even if you believe you are guilty.

What Is the Crime of Receiving or Concealing Stolen Property?

Virginia Code §18.2-108 makes it a criminal offense to buy or receive from another person or aid in concealing stolen goods or other things knowing that they were stolen. The prosecutor must prove all elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. There are four elements of this offense:

  1. The individual bought, concealed, or received stolen goods or things.
  2. The goods or things were stolen. However, if the accused bought or received the goods or things as part of a police investigation, they can be found guilty of this crime if they believed the property was stolen.
  3. Another individual must have stolen the goods or things.
  4. The accused must have known that the goods or things were stolen at the time they received or aided in concealing them.

What Are the Penalties for Receiving or Concealing Stolen Property?

Like other larceny crimes, whether receiving or concealing stolen property would be charged as a misdemeanor or felony would depend on the value of the goods received or concealed. If the value is under $1,000, the crime would be petit larceny, which is a misdemeanor in Virginia. The offense would be charged as grand larceny, which is a felony, if the goods are valued at $1,000 or more. The penalties for these offenses include:

  • Petit larceny – Up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500
  • Grand larceny – Up to 20 years in prison and a maximum fine of $2,500

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