A medical mistake is always terrible. When the medical error surrounds the birth of a child it is all the more appalling. Recently, we reported on a woman who suffered brain damage after the doctor performed a faulty c-section and thehospital staff failed to identify her worsening condition.


Her partner called nurses, attempting to get help for the mother of his newborn child, yet they did nothing to help stabilize her erratic blood pressure and heart rate. By the time they took notice, some six hours after the surgery, the woman was gravely ill, her bed sheets covered in blood.


During this time the mother had lost over half of the blood in her body. One simple check could have prevented this, yet the nurses and doctors did not bother to simply lift a sheet and check her incision. They did not bother to wonder why her vital signs were fluctuating and instead noted that the new mother was "resting comfortably."


An Inexcusable Tragedy


While the mother survived the terrible incident, she was left with permanent brain damage. The medical mistakes made by Maryview Medical Center will forever impact the life of the mother and her child.

The doctor responsible for the surgery gave up his medical license shortly after the incident. The negligent doctor was the subject of multiple Virginia medical malpractice claims and many believe that his license should have been revoked long ago.


What to do When Hurt by Hospital Error


Our Virginia Beach medical malpractice attorneys have seen too many incidents like this one, when hospitals simply do not give the care necessary to keep their patients safe. Our goal is to not just get our clients the compensation they need, but to ensure that the doctor and hospital are held responsible for their mistakes.


If you have been hurt because of a medical error in Norfolk, Virginia Beach or anywhere in Virginia contact an experienced lawyer at 757.625.1214 for your free consultation. Together we can work to protect others from the terrible mistakes doctors make.

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