One Example of How Dangerous Medical Mistakes Cause Serious Birth-Related Injuries

Latarsha Creekmore went into the hospital, expecting to have a c-section and be tending to her baby before the afternoon was over. While the baby was delivered without incident, soon after the birth Ms. Creekmore, with a history of pregnancy-induced high blood pressure, started suffering from erratic heart rate and blood pressure.


From Bad to Worse


As her partner attempted to get help from nurses, Ms. Creekmore's condition continued to deteriorate. According to hospital records, one nurse noted that she was "resting comfortably" when, in fact, her vital signs were unstable and her incision site had not been checked once since the surgery.


Finally an alarm went off, alerting the staff that Creekmore's blood pressure was dangerously low. When the new mother was moved from her bed, the bed sheets were found to be soaked in blood. It turned out that Creekmore had been bleeding uncontrollably from her incision site for at least six hours.


Gross Negligence Caused Long Term Damage


When it was all said and done, Creekmore had lost more than half of the blood in her body. This loss, sustained over such a long period of time, caused permanent brain damage. During the ensuing investigation and Virginia medical malpractice lawsuit the doctor who performed the surgery, Sidath Jayanetti, surrendered his medical license. It was found that the Virginia doctor had preformed bad c-sections in the past, and that there had been multiple medical malpractice cases filed against him over a six year period.


Hospital Tried to Duck the Bill


While Creekmore was awarded a $900,000 settlement, Maryview Medical Center tried to appeal the decision. Fortunately for Ms. Creekmore, the hospital did not win on appeal and the full settlement must be paid.



This story is all too familiar. As Norfolk, VA medical malpractice attorneys, we have seen hospitals and doctors trying to deny their wrongdoings. When they are successful, victims of medical mistakes are left with nothing aside from a life-long injury and stacks of medical bills.


Protect Yourself After a Medical Mistake in Virginia


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