Guidelines for Posting on Social Media Sites During Divorce Proceedings

Social Media That Are Used by Many Parents That Are Going Through DivorceIf you are like most people, you regularly post updates about your life and share other information on social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, this could cause problems if you are getting a divorce in Virginia. It may hurt your court case, cause emotional problems for you and your children, and damage your relationship with your spouse.

Tips for Posting on Social Media When Getting a Divorce

While it would be ideal not to post at all on social media sites during a divorce, you may not be willing to do this. When you are posting, it is important to remember that your spouse and his attorney will most likely search your social media sites at various times during your divorce. What you post can be used as evidence against you in your divorce. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Think before you post. Before you post any information or share pictures, think about how it could affect your divorce proceedings. Do not post anything that could be used against you.
  • Don’t discuss your divorce. While it may be tempting to post updates about your divorce to keep friends and family informed, refrain from discussing your divorce on social media sites. You especially want to avoid saying anything negative about the opposing attorney, judge, court-ordered mediator, or outcome of your case.
  • Don’t badmouth your spouse. You do not want to talk negatively about your spouse on your social media sites. It could be discovered by your spouse, his attorney, or your children.
  • Don’t discuss new romances. Do not post about any extramarital affairs or romantic relationships you started once filing for divorce. Adultery is grounds for a fault-based divorce in Virginia, and any new relationship could be perceived negatively by the judge deciding your case.
  • Check your privacy settings. You want to change your privacy settings to only allow friends and family members to see your posts. However, keep in mind that your spouse or his lawyer could still find them, and continue to be careful as to what you share.

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