Common Myths About Truck Accident Claims That You Shouldn’t Believe

Misconceptions Under a Magnifying GlassIf you were the victim of a truck accident, you have a right to compensation for your injuries from the negligent trucker and the trucking company that hired them. However, it can be confusing to file your claim with their insurance company.

To make matters worse, you could read about or have people tell you myths about truck accident claims that are not true. If you believe them, you could make decisions that could result in you receiving far less than you deserve for your injuries. Here are five common misconceptions that are simply not true.

Misconception #1: Truckers Are Safer Drivers

Many people believe that truck drivers are safer drivers due to their training and experience. While it is true that truck drivers are required to obtain a commercial license, they do not need to go through an extensive course or training to get it.

In addition, truck drivers are under intense pressure to deliver their loads quickly. Because of this, they often engage in unsafe driving practices such as:

  • Speeding
  • Driving when they are too tired to drive and without taking rest breaks required under federal regulations
  • Texting, talking on a cell phone, looking at a GPS, and engaging in other distracting behaviors that take their focus off their driving
  • Failing to obey traffic laws
  • Driving when intoxicated

Misconception #2: An Accident Is Always the Truck Driver’s Fault

While it is true that many truck collisions are caused at least in part by a trucker’s negligence, they are not always the liable party. Some crashes are caused by faulty brakes, tires, other maintenance issues, or defective truck parts.

It can be complicated to determine why a truck accident happened. However, it is crucial to figure this out so that you file claims against the right liable parties. This dramatically increases the likelihood that you will receive all the compensation you are entitled to in your settlement.

Misconception #3: You Can’t Win Against a Trucking Company

Some truck accident victims incorrectly think that they cannot win their case against a large trucking company. They believe this in part due to how they are treated by the insurance company when they file their claim.

You need to be prepared that the insurance company may try to wear you down by denying your claim or only offering you low-ball settlement offers. However, if you collect the evidence you need to prove the trucker’s and trucking company’s liability and hire an experienced truck accident lawyer who is not afraid to take your case to a jury trial if necessary, you can fight back and win your case.

Misconception #4: Any Personal Injury Attorney Can Handle Your Claim

Truck accident claims are much more complicated than car crash cases. Truck drivers and trucking companies must follow many federal regulations that are often violated when a truck crash occurs.

In addition, victims can suffer much more catastrophic injuries in a truck crash, which makes the value of their claims higher. When this is the case, the insurance company often fights harder and longer before settling a claim.

You would be making a big mistake to hire a lawyer who handles only car accident or other personal injury cases. You need an attorney who understands the complicated laws and regulations that govern the trucking industry and how to obtain the evidence you need from the trucking company to prove your case.

Misconception #5: You Can’t Afford to Hire a Lawyer

You may worry that you cannot afford to retain a lawyer, especially when you have mounting medical bills to pay and no income while you are off work recovering from your injuries. The good news is that most attorneys handle these cases on a contingency fee basis so that you owe no upfront fees and only owe attorney fees if they win your case.

Do you need to file a claim for the injuries you suffered in a truck accident in Norfolk or Virginia Beach? Call our office to schedule a free consultation to learn about our track record of success in these cases and how we can help you receive the maximum recovery from the insurance company.


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