Getting along with your neighbors is no easier today than it was 150 years ago when the Hatfields and McCoys began their long and bloody family feud.


In our more modern setting, all-out warfare with one's neighbors isn't common, but what is common are disputes over easement rights. This is true in both rural and city settings, and many neighborly relationships have been ruined because of issues surrounding an easement dispute.


The Garage That Launched 1,000 Cusswords


Let's say you have a great view from your patio. You enjoy sitting outside, sipping your evening cocktail, and watching the world go by. Then, your neighbor starts putting up a new garage. He wants to build it high enough to accommodate his RV. You notice that the height of the garage is going to seriously affect your view. Instead of the city lights, you will be gazing at a big, tan wall.


The question is, is there anything you can do about it? According to easement rights laws, there may be. As a property owner, you should have the right to maintain your view, even if that means your neighbor has to tear down his new garage.   


Of course, it's impossible for our Virginia Beach real estate attorneys to help you protect your rights as a property owner without knowing the specifics of your case. However, by calling 757.625.1214 and scheduling a free consultation, you will get advice from Virginia property rights attorneys with the experience needed to save you a battle, and maybe even win a war.

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