Tips on How to Correct an Inaccurate Police Report After a Truck Collision

Vehicle Accident Police ReportA police report can provide you with compelling evidence you can use to prove the truck driver’s negligence caused your truck crash. Unfortunately, the police sometimes make mistakes when writing a police report. It is important to try to correct errors if you find them in your police report.

Two Types of Errors in Police Reports

Understanding the two types of errors in police reports can be helpful when you are trying to correct mistakes in a police report. Factual errors are mistakes in the basic facts, such as the make, model, or year of your auto, the date of the accident, or other minor factual errors. They are often relatively easy to correct.

Disputed facts are errors about how the truck accident occurred or who was the negligent party. These errors are much more difficult to correct than factual errors.

Tips on Correcting Mistakes in a Police Report

You should attempt to correct any errors in a police report about your truck accident—even if they are minor factual ones. Here are steps you can take to get the police officer to correct the report:

  • Be polite. You should always be polite when discussing the mistakes in the police report with a law enforcement official. They are much more likely to consider correcting an error if you act respectfully.
  • Contact the police promptly. You should notify the police officer of any errors in their report as soon as you discover them. It can be easier to correct a mistake before the police report becomes final.
  • Submit documentation. If the error is a factual one, be sure to provide the officer with documentation of the correct information, such as your vehicle registration if the make or model of your vehicle is wrong. Even if the mistake is a disputed fact, providing pictures taken right after the accident, witness statements, or other evidence may convince the officer to correct a mistake.
  • Include medical records. If you know you did not explain things accurately when the police interviewed you due to your injuries or medications you were given, provide the officer with your medical records that establish this and ask that your statement be corrected.
  • Have a statement attached. You may be unable to convince the police to correct a disputed fact. In this situation, prepare a statement explaining what occurred and ask that it be attached to the police report.

What is the best strategy to get errors in a police report corrected? You should retain an experienced truck accident lawyer and ask them to contact the police on your behalf. If you were injured in a truck accident in Virginia Beach or Norfolk that was not your fault, call us at 877-960-3441 or fill out our online form to schedule your free initial consultation today to learn how we can assist you.


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