How Child Support Will Be Determined

No one gets married with the thought that they will ever be single again, yet it does happen.

It’s a sad fact of modern life, but many American families now end up facing divorce. A divorce can be a scary and nerve-racking event. What was once a life of joy, happiness, and a future together has dissolved into a life of stress, discontent, and resentment.

One important part of a divorce that many fail to take into consideration is the health and wellbeing of the children involved. A divorce can create a very difficult time for the children as they come to terms with what is happening.

As the partners begin to discuss the terms of the divorce, the question of what arrangements are needed for the children can be one of the hardest to resolve. Once custody is established, the court will need to determine the amount paid for child support.

The amount of child support that will be paid will be determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Standard of living. It will be important that the child enjoys a similar standard of living as he did before the divorce.
  • Ability to pay. The court will look at the amount of income each parent has coming in and decide how much he or she will be able to pay.
  • Custodial parent income. The court will determine the needs of the custodial parent as well as his or her income and wealth.
  • Child needs. Each child’s needs must be met. This will include daycare, medical expenses, or education costs.

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