Virginia Beach Brothers Indicted on Drug Charges

Posted on Jun 23, 2010

Though family ties run deep it is not often that brothers are indicted for the same crime on the same day.  However, two brothers from Virginia Beach were unlucky enough to have this distinction. 

Johnathan Leon Wright Jr., 28 and Dion Jimon Wright, 34, along with several "business" partners have been accused of growing and distributing marijuana in the Alanton neighborhood of Virginia Beach.  The brothers were able to obtain both exotic and mid-grade pot by using their own drivers and through common carrier.  The plants and seeds came from as far away as Arizona and California. 

In addition to the charges related to the marijuana distribution and growing operation the brothers are facing indictments related to the distribution of cocaine.  Their drug ring went on, unabated, for nearly five years before the Wrights were caught and arrested.   The brothers have retained the services of a criminal attorney.

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