Studies Takes Closer Look at Why Happy Marriages Fail

Posted on May 05, 2012
A recent study looked at why couples that reported being "very happy" in the first four years of marriage ended up filing for a divorce.

Researchers tracked 136 marriages over a period of ten years. The couples were asked to independently rate statements that covered the following issues:
  • Marriage satisfaction
  • Level of commitment
  • Personality traits
  • Stress levels
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • How supportive each was with their partner

Still other marital traits were measured in a lab setting where the married couples discussed any current relationship details with researchers.

The Common Themes in Divorcing Couples

Researchers found that both couples who divorced and those who remained married did not differ on their levels of happiness or satisfaction during the first four years of marriage. What did vary was the way the spouses communicated and supported one another.

The divorcing partners were more likely than the still married couples to:
  • Have poor communication skills
  • Display more negative emotions
  • Use blame and invalidation while speaking to one another
  • Discourage spouse from expressing his or her feelings
  • Show "inappropriate pessimism"
  • Be verbally aggressive

Many believe that this research is important to couples and therapists alike as it shows how even happy marriages can fail at the hand of poor communication and negativity.

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