Police Work for Seven Years to Make Major Drug Bust in Virginia

Posted on Jul 28, 2012

Way back in 2004, a woman was arrested for smoking marijuana while walking near Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Her arrest, and other like hers, was followed up by Chris Preuss, a VCU police investigator.

Preuss was determined to track these small drug busts up to the top of the supply line, working to find the people who were transporting large quantities of marijuana into Virginia. Seven years later, Preuss and his team put together the pieces, in part using the then-cold case involving the young woman, and made a major drug bust.

Three Arrested on Drug Charges in Virginia, Near VCU

The seven years of detective work culminated in May, when Preuss was able to get information about a large-scale drug drop in the Fan District. The investigation resulted in the seizure of over 250 pounds of pot, with a street value over one million dollars, and more than $600,000 in cash.

The drug ring was using large shipping containers to smuggle the marijuana in from California. Drivers of the trucks carrying the shipments had no idea what they were carrying, and there will be no charges filed against the carriers.

However, three Virginia men were arrested for their roles in the large-scale drug operation. Jeremy Doyle Harrington, Andrew Fulton Massengill, and Eduardo Daniel Fabelo were all charged with transporting more than five pounds of marijuana with intent to distribute. The felony charge comes with a possible prison sentence of between five and 40 years. Massengill and Fabelo face additional charges as well.

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