Norfolk Police Officer Under Arrest on Drug Charges

Posted on Jun 28, 2011

The Virginia Beach Police have arrested a Norfolk police officer on multiple felony drug charges.  The officer, Kristin Harris, is a veteran officer who has been serving on the Norfolk police force since January 2000.

Harris has been arrested and accused of a dozen felonies for his role in distributing anabolic steroids.  Among the charges Harris faces are: manufacturing or selling steroids or illegal stimulants and selling or distributing marijuana.  The arrest is part of an ongoing investigation that targets drug dealers: both civilian and those on the police force.

Evidence points to police attempting to keep the arrest under wraps.  However, news of his arrest leaked out, as well as a bail worksheet that appears to attempt to hide the fact that Harris was a police officer.  For example, on the worksheet, under "place of employment" a magistrate wrote: "see detective". 

It has also been discovered that Harris has filed for bankruptcy twice, once before he was an officer and once while serving on the force.     

Harris has since resigned from the Norfolk Police Department and is currently free on bail, pending his upcoming arraignment.  The Virginia Beach General District Court reports that Harris has hired a criminal defense attorney.

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