Norfolk Police Officer Arrested on Drug Charges in Norfolk

Posted on Dec 12, 2011
Usually we report about people who have been arrested by police for drug crimes in Norfolk. In this case, however, a police officer was the one doing the drug dealing, not the arresting.

One Officer Charged, Three Others Resign

The police officer in question, Kristin Wayne Harris, has been part of the Norfolk police force for 11 years. The veteran officer was recently caught selling drugs and drug paraphernalia to an undercover officer. The undercover sting, conducted by the Norfolk Police Department, took place between April 28 and June 9. During this time, Harris, on multiple occasions, sold steroids, syringes, and marijuana outside of One Life Fitness, located on Princess Anne Road.

While Harris is the only officer who has been changed with a crime, three other officers have resigned. The Norfolk Police Department would not say why the others are no longer on the force, saying that the resignations were a "personal matter".

Pending Charges Against the Officer

At the time of this report, Harris had been charged with 11 drug-related felonies and two misdemeanors; however, prosecutors had withdrawn all but two of the felony drug charges. If convicted, Harris will face at least six months in jail. The maximum sentence for the two convictions carries a maximum sentence of 20 years.

While nobody is above the law, the Norfolk criminal defense attorneys at Tavss Fletcher hope that, despite his position as a police officer, Mr. Harris is given a fair trial and receives competent legal representation.

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