Drug dealing charges for two Eastern Shore men

Posted on Mar 28, 2010

A year-long investigation into a suspected Eastern Shore drug ring has led to two arrests.  According to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the two men were responsible for distributing multiple pounds of cocaine, crack, and marijuana throughout the area.


The main suspect, Harry Byrd West (also known as “Kojak”), is an auto shop owner in the Eastern Shore area.  He was arrested along with an associate Terrance Durell Price.  Authorities were tipped off to the pair’s activities by an informant.


According to the informant, West traveled to Florida, North Carolina, and Delaware to source drugs.  The informant also claimed that West and Price made crack from cocaine in West’s Cheriton auto shop, AA Auto.  Another informant told the DEA that West had been dealing drugs for the last ten years.


The DEA worked with one informant who captured video and audio tapes of drug purchases from the suspects.  The DEA also arranged other drug purchases using a variety of other informants.  The DEA was also able to determine that West was dealing drugs from a Capeville trailer and a Machipongo house.


This isn’t the first time that West has been in trouble with the law.  In 2007 West was caught by police in a transaction involving nearly 9 pounds of cocaine, however he escaped before he could be arrested.

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