10 Large Scale Drug Rings Broken up in Hampton Roads

Posted on Oct 29, 2011
FBI agents, state authorities, and local authorities have been joining together to break up large drug rings operating in and around Virginia Beach and Norfolk. Over the past ten years, the area, known as Hampton Roads, has been the site of at least 10 large drug ring busts. Each of the busts was estimated to be worth $20 million or more. During the decade before, officials only remember one or two drug busts of this magnitude.


More Drugs or Increased Police Effort?


Law enforcement agencies believe that the efforts of federal, state, and local authorities have made the large scale busts possible. In addition, as is often the case, one drug ring is usually connected to another so that when suspects are arrested they lead to more suspects and, in some cases, the ring leader of a large-scale operation.


However, authorities often have a hard time getting to the true source of the drugs: suppliers south of the border. According to assistant U.S. Attorney, Laura Everhart, it is getting more challenging to stop drug trafficking at its source.


"That has changed over the years," said Everhart, "and still Miami and that area can still be a source for some things, but the cocaine and marijuana are coming through Texas and Arizona and Southern California."


No matter where the drugs originate, it seems as if the large scale drug rings and arrests in Hampton Roads are not likely to end anytime soon. The staff and attorneys at Tavss Fletcher, however, hope that increased police efforts will continue to make progress in busting drug rings and stopping drug trafficking in the Hampton Roads.

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