Hospitals Encourage Patients to Bust Dirty Doctors, Nurses

You would think that hospitals would want patients to mind their business and not interfere with the work that doctors, nurses and staff members do. However, the Center for Disease Control, along with Kimberly-Clark and the Safe Care Campaign, have recently launched a nationwide campaign that encourages hospital patients to stand up for their rights and insist that their doctors and nurses adhere to strict safety and sanitation guidelines.

The Patient Safety Education Program focuses on the following nine crucial hospital safety issues:

  • Patient's Guide to a Clean Healthcare Environment
  • Insisting on proper hand hygiene from your caregiver
  • Preventing an infection when you're having surgery
  • Preventing a blood stream infection
  • Preventing medication errors
  • Preventing an infection when you have a urinary catheter
  • Preventing errors during medical care
  • Preventing patient falls
  • Safety when your loved one is on a ventilator

Patient Safety Education Program Offers new Level of Patient Involvement

As you can see, the program encourages patients and their families to learn more about effective hospital safety practices and to speak with those responsible for their care about the best ways to prevent medical errors.

Information on the nine hospital safety issues will be displayed on posters in hospitals in Virginia and across the nation. The posters have barcodes that, when scanned with a smart phone, will automatically download information about the chosen topic.

In this way, patients will be armed with the information they need to advocate for their rights and insist that the doctors, nurses and hospital staff responsible for their care do all they can to prevent a terrible medical mistake.

The Virginia Beach medical malpractice attorneys at Tavss Fletcher are encouraged that hospitals are allowing patients easy access to medical error prevention information. As a Virginia Beach medical malpractice law firm with extensive experience in representing those hurt by hospital error, we know that most medical mistakes could have been prevented. We hope that patients continue to educate themselves and work to hold hospitals responsible for providing the highest level of care possible.

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