Operation Air, Land & Speed Targets Reckless Drivers in Virginia

Operation Air, Land & Speed is a major undertaking for the Virginia State Police force. This year, the date of the operation is August 18th, a date that may seem random but was chosen for a very good reason. Colonel W. Steven Flaherty, the Virginia State Police Superintendent, spoke as to why police decided to launch the traffic safety campaign on that specific Saturday.

"As Virginia's colleges and universities start filling up for the new school year, so are our interstates," stated Colonel Flaherty. "We know that increasing our presence and visibility on the highways dramatically decreases the number of dangerous driving behaviors—therefore decreasing the odds of traffic crashes, injuries, and delays for motorists."

Three Interstates Targeted

The three interstates to be targeted this year are I-81, I-95 and I-64. Virginia State Police are to align themselves along the Interstates from border to border, pulling over any drivers who appear to be breaking the law. 

The main focuses of the traffic enforcement campaign are to pull over drivers who are speeding and driving recklessly. All drivers have been reminded to avoid drinking and driving, driving while distracted, and driving while overly tired, as these behaviors increase the risk of causing a serious car accident. 

Move Over Law in Effect

Virginia state law requires that all drivers change lanes when passing emergency vehicles stopped on the side of the road. If there is no way to safely change lanes, motorists are to slow down and pass with caution. Tickets can be issued to anyone who does not either slow down or change lanes when passing stopped emergency personnel. 

The Virginia Beach traffic ticket attorneys at Tavss Fletcher hope that all drivers make the best choices when behind the wheel. We also hope that police are fair and just when issuing traffic tickets during the traffic safety campaign, and every day.

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