Virginia Family Law Attorney: Important Reasons to Use a Prenuptial Agreement

Every couple should go into their marriage with the mindset that the marriage is going to last the rest of their lives. This is the case whether it is the first marriage or fourth marriage for the couple. With this in mind, it is also important to understand that circumstances do arise in marriages that can break the couple apart.

Due to the fact that marriages can and do fall apart, it is a good idea for any couple preparing for marriage consider getting a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement is simply an agreement between two people that deals with the financial consequences of their marriage ending.

A prenuptial agreement does not mean that the couple is counting on a failed marriage. It is simply a form of insurance in case it does fail.

Here are sound reasons why you should get a prenuptial agreement:

  • You have more money – If you are more well off than your soon to be spouse your spouse may be marrying you for your money.  A prenuptial agreement will ensure that your spouse is marrying your for love not money.
  • You are remarrying – Being remarried brings on a whole different set of concerns than those being married for the first time. A prenuptial agreement can ensure that when you pass away your assets will be distributed the way you want. This is beneficial to those who have children from a previous marriage.
  • You own a business – Whether you own part or all of a business, a prenuptial agreement will be beneficial. Without a prenuptial agreement, if the marriage ends your spouse may be entitled to a portion of the business.
  • You quit a job to raise children – Putting work on hold to raise children can negatively impact your future income. A prenuptial agreement can ensure that the financial consequences of raising children is shared by both partners.

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