The Institute of Medicine (IOM)

The Institute of Medicine is an, "independent, non-profit organization that works outside of government to provide unbiased and authoritative advice to decision makers and the public."  Since their inception in 1970 the IOM, a branch of the National Academies, has been researching scientific questions that work to improve the health of the nation.  Though many of the studies come from Congress others are requested by independent organizations and federal agencies. 

The IOM prides itself on the fact that they are unbiased and work only to inform the public and answer questions that improve the lives of our nation's citizens. Please use the link below to learn more about the IOM.

  • Reports- There are over 600 reports available, in full, on the IOM website. Recent reports include such topics as obesity prevention, reducing sodium intake and veterans health issues.
  • Activities- All current research activities and workshops, both planned and in progress, are listed here. Current activities include studies on drug safety, breast cancer and the environment and the oral health care system in the United States.
  • Medication Error- The IOM has done several studies, ordered by congress, to determine the best way to identify and prevent medication errors. Their consensus report on the study is available here.
  • Health Topics by Subject- One way to navigate the extensive website maintained by the IOM is to explore by subject. Popular health and wellness subjects include aging, children, youth and families, health care workers, patient safety and quality of care.


The staff and attorneys at Tavss Fletcher of Virginia Beach hope that the information provided here helps you better understand what the Institute of Medicine has to offer.  We believe that the more you know, the better able you are to protect yourself from dangerous prescription drugs or a medical mistake.  To this end we strive to give you a comprehensive library of information on how to protect your health.