Why You Need an Experienced Attorney When Creating Your Estate Plan

Estate Planning Paperwork Prepared by an AttorneyWhile not the most pleasant topic to think about, it is important to decide how you want your property divided when you pass away. Even if you do not own much property, it can be complicated to devise an estate plan that meets your specific needs. Retaining an experienced estate planning attorney is essential.

Why Having an Estate Planning Attorney Draft Your Estate Plan Is Important

You may be tempted to use a form on the internet to create your will in order to save the cost of hiring an attorney. However, these are just cookie cutter forms that may not address your specific concerns. Here are ways that a lawyer can help you:

  • Understanding of the law. In order to be valid in Virginia, a will must meet specific legal requirements. An experienced estate planning attorney will understand these laws and will create an estate plan that complies with them so that your will or trust is followed after your death.
  • Avoiding future disputes and costs. An estate planning attorney can help you avoid mistakes that may result in additional costs for your family members when they settle your estate. In addition, by carefully drafting your will or trust, your lawyer can limit future disputes between family members about how your property should be divided so that your wishes are honored without lengthy litigation in probate court.
  • Creating a personalized plan. Your lawyer will discuss your financial situation and your specific concerns for family members before creating your estate plan. He may suggest ways to avoid the costs of probate sale and special estate tools that can help you provide for family members. This can include creating a special needs trust for disabled adult children, a trust for minor children, and a pet trust.
  • Preparing other documents. An estate planning attorney can also draft legal documents, such as a financial power of attorney and living will, that will protect you if you are unable to make your own financial or medical decisions.

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