Do I need a Norfolk criminal law attorney if my case is under investigation and no charges have been filed?

It is common for someone being accused of a crime to put off contacting an attorney, especially if that person feels he is innocent. An experienced Virginia criminal law attorney will understand the laws and will know how to navigate the tedious and overwhelming process of building a strong defense. Whether you are accused of a violent crime, sexual offense, drug possession or trafficking, or a white-collar crime, a skilled attorney can help you.

People often think that the time to hire an attorney is after charges have been filed for a criminal case. This is not true. In fact, a Virginia criminal law attorney can be very beneficial to the defendant in the early stages of the investigation.

Three reasons you should hire an attorney before any charges are filed a criminal offense are:

  • Education – An experienced attorney will educate you on what lies ahead. He will make sure you understand the process of the investigation, and will explain what to expect should your case go to trial.
  • Gather Evidence – Many times law enforcement agencies will not give you the benefit of the doubt. They may make mistakes or not be thorough. Your attorney will be able to gather evidence and obtain key witnesses to support your defense.
  • Negotiate – Using the evidence that was gathered, your attorney will negotiate with the prosecutors and police before charges are filed, and will try to persuade them not to file any charges.


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