More than likely, there will never be a time when hospital staff members never make mistakes. However, this is no excuse for the high number of dangerous, even deadly mistakes being made at hospitals in Virginia and across the nation.

How is it that a hospital, meant heal the sick, can actually injure and kill so many people? Human error is surely a factor, but why don't hospitals have better ways of reducing the incidence of these types of errors?

Parallels to Airline Industry
In the airline industry, safety violations are taken very seriously. If a pilot or mechanic makes a mistake, they are not only reprimanded, they may very well be fired. Because of these stringent safety standards, crashes are relatively rare. Why shouldn't doctors be held to the same level of accountability?

Each year, the number of people killed by a medical mistake in the hospital equals the number of people who would die if four jumbo jets crashed each week for the entire year. If this type of event happened in the airline industry, airplanes would be grounded and a full investigation launched.

Thousands of preventable hospital deaths occur each and every day. Where is the outcry? Why are doctors and nurses not being pulled from duty? Why aren't hospitals being "grounded"?

Holding Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals Responsible for Their Actions

At the Norfolk, VA law firm of Tavss Fletcher, we have seen the terrible impact hospital mistakes have on patients and their families. These mistakes should not happen, and as experienced Virginia medical malpractice attorneys we work hard to shine a light on the terrible mistakes that hospitals make.

If you have been injured while under medical care, or you lost a loved one due to a medical mistake, you do not have to accept it and move on. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit in Virginia is one of the best ways to ensure that the hospital responsible for your losses pays for their mistake. If we don't shine a light on the people making medical mistakes, who will? 

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