A serious and life-altering mistake made by a surgeon cost a woman her health and caused her to undergo multiple surgeries to fix a botched hysterectomy.  A jury has recognized the serious surgical error and has awarded the Virginia woman $3 million. 

This large award, twice the medical malpractice cap in Virginia, highlights the seriousness of the injuries Shannon Taylor sustained during a routine hysterectomy.  The surgeon made multiple mistakes that emergency surgery had to attempt to remedy.  The successful complaint stated that the surgeon from Winchester Womancare, "negligently, grossly negligently and recklessly breached her duty of care to the Plaintiff Taylor." 

As a lawyer I have seen all too many people harmed during what should have been a simple surgery.  Surgical errors are one of the more common medical mistakes.  They cause not only serious and long lasting injuries but too often are the cause of a patients' death.

Your doctor has the responsibility of providing you with excellent, mistake free medical care.  If you believe that you have been hurt or made ill by your doctor please do not hesitate to contact your experienced Virginia medical malpractice attorneys at Tavss Fletcher today.       

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