Tips for Creating an Effective Parenting Plan When You Are Divorcing in Virginia

Parenting Sticky Notes on a Steering WheelUnless you want the judge to decide your visitation schedule in your divorce in Virginia, it is important to create a parenting plan with your spouse. Creating a good parenting plan will give your children the stability they need and help avoid future disputes with your partner. Here are tips on how to develop an effective parenting plan.

Tips on Creating a Parenting Plan That Works for Both You and Your Children

A parenting plan is a legal document filed in your divorce that states each parent’s responsibilities in parenting your children. A good plan will ensure that your children have quality time with both parents. Here are some tips on creating an effective plan:

  • Long-term plan. When creating your plan, you need to consider the long-term issues that could arise as your children get older and their interests change so that both parents can maintain healthy relationships. This can also help prevent disputes with your spouse in the future.
  • Specific provisions with flexibility. You should work out a plan for how custody and parenting will be shared on a weekly basis. Once you and your spouse agree on this, you can create some flexibility in the plan for times when your schedule may not work as you envisioned when creating it.
  • Work schedules. You will need to know each other’s work schedules and create a plan to allow each of you to have the maximum amount of time with your children given when you must work. Doing this may also eliminate some of the time your children have to be cared for by third parties.
  • Holidays. Creating new family traditions for your children during the holidays is important. Your parenting should clearly state how you and your spouse will share parenting time during all major holidays.
  • Decision making. You and your partner should decide how you will share decision making about important issues in your children’s lives, such as their religion, extra-curricular activities, doctor appointments, and use of electronic devices. You should also include a provision on how to resolve disputes if you cannot work them out with your partner.

Contact a Norfolk Family Law Attorney for Help With Your Parenting Plan

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