Does My Custody / Visitation Order Still Apply During the Pandemic

Do I have to send my child to his/her other parent during this pandemic? That is the question many parents are asking. The simple answer is yes. If there is a court order establishing parenting time/ visitation, you must comply with that order. The Governor’s Executive Order makes clear that the coronavirus is NOT an exception that allows a parent to disobey a court order. That said, if you have genuine concerns about the exchange of the child and the child staying with the other parent, you should talk to the other parent calmly and express your concerns. Many parents have been able to reach agreements to modify the terms of the court order  which allow the child to stay in one home until the crisis is over and then granting the other parent additional time when the crisis subsides. If your case is pending before the court, you may be able to get assistance/ direction from the Guardian Ad Litem.  You should keep in mind that while the courts are generally  closed, they are open and hearing emergency cases telephonically and by video-conferencing methods. If you would like more guidance, please do not hesitate to call us.

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